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Unique course

This Business management – Bedrijfsbeheer course is written in English, with a full translation in Dutch. We’ve thought of people like you, who are looking to start their own business in Belgium and prefer to study in English while getting language support in Dutch as well.

The selected course topics are based on the official examination in Brussels. You’ll have the opportunity to fully understand the content in English – your strongest language – and to improve your Dutch at the same time! This way you’ll have the highest chance to pass the exam in Dutch and get your official Business Management (Bedrijfsbeheer) license. We offer this course in 10 different languages, always accompanied with the Dutch translation.

We also offer a unique, additional service for foreign students. If you take one of our Bedrijfsbeheer bilingual courses (Language of your choice – Dutch), you can choose to have personal guidance not only in Dutch but also in your native language. Read more information about this special offer on this page.

Why a bilingual course?

The exam Bedrijfsbeheer in Belgium can only be taken in Dutch, French and German. If you have that entrepreneurial mindset but you are still learning Dutch, that should not stop you from taking the first step towards starting your own business. That’s what drove us to develop this unique course! You can study in English to make sure you process all the content and you’ll have the Dutch translation page per page throughout the course (see photo below), which will help you to successfully pass the exam in Dutch and start your own business.

sample photo Business Management Bedrijfsbeheer course

Personal guidance from a professional instructor

A personal instructor will guide you throughout your studies. Your instructor has years of experience in the field and practices the profession independently. Whenever you need feedback or additional explanations, or if you have difficulties solving the practice exercises, you can contact your instructor via e-mail. S/he will guide you in Dutch; however, it is also possible to get guidance in your native language. Read more information about this special offer on this page.

Start with this course anytime!

You can start this course today! Anyone who is looking to start self-employment in Belgium wants to complete all requirements as soon as possible. You can determine your own study schedule, how fast you complete the course and when you’re ready to take the exam. We will prepare you to pass the exam in Brussels and get your official license.

Exam-based course

The content of the course Business Management – Bedrijfsbeheer is based on the questions asked at the official exam. After taking this course, you will be well prepared to take the computer-based exam at the Central Examination Board (located in Brussels). When you score more than 50%, you will receive your “Bedrijfsbeheer” license immediately. This is the license you need to start your own business.

If you want to have a preview of this Business management – Bedrijfsbeheer course, it is possible to download a free sample chapter by clicking here. This chapter gives you an idea of how the course is structured and how it is written.

You can always stop by to check the entire course at one of our offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Hasselt.

Who can take this course?

Everyone! If you want to start your own business in Belgium and need an official license, we will give you the perfect preparation to pass the exam. Also if you are looking to review some previous concepts this is an ideal training. The course is very practical and clearly written by an experienced instructor who practices the profession independently.

Lowest registration fees

This Business Management – Bedrijfsbeheer course only costs 159.00 euros. This includes the course materials and your instructor’s professional guidance for one year. You can extend your one-year study period as well.

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You can sign up for the Business Management course by filling out our online registration form. We will send you an e-mail with payment details. Once we process your payment, your course materials will be sent immediately via BPost or another courier. You’ll also be able to access your course materials online via our e-learning platform.


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Practical info
  • Price: 159.00 euros
  • Available: yes
  • For everyone: yes
  • Duration: 1-3
  • Official diploma: yes



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